Four Drawer Filing Cabinets

Turn your file storage into a feature with this four drawer leather top wooden filing cabinet. The lockable drawers provide ample storage for documents whilst its classic design and fairly low table top make it a practical and attractive surface to use as a sideboard in an office or study.

This four drawer cabinet is available in a variety of veneers with the choice of at least two different finishes per wood type. The leather top can be ordered in a range of shades or if you prefer, the filing cabinet can also be made with a polished wood top.

If the design of the cabinet appeals to you but you are looking for a different storage solution, you can order this as a cupboard where the drawers will be replaced with hinged doors to give you four shelves for storage. The cabinet will look the same on the outside. Alternatively, for a varied storage solution, order one half as a cabinet and the other half as a cupboard.

To order a your cabinet as a cupboard or combination of both select your choice from the “cupboard” option from the configuration drop-down menu once you’ve selected your veneer and finish.

The filing cabinet pictured on the left has a light cherry finish with a brown leather top and bracket feet. Hover your cursor over the picture to view the drawer configuration.

Dimensions Price
Height Width Depth Mahogany Oak Cherry Yew
29.5" 37.5" 24" £744 £768 £786 £798