Pedestal Desks

The regency style pedestal desk is a timeless classic. We make a range of four different sizes, from a small desk suitable for a study nook at home to a large executive desk.

All our pedestal desks consist of 8 drawers: one directly underneath the desk top, four on the left pedestal and three on the right, where what looks like the two bottom drawers is actually one large drawer. This double drawer has been designed to hold foolscape or hanging files and is fitted with metal runners to provide a smooth motion.

The drawers are all dovetailed and are produced using a high quality wood veneer. Like all our handmade desks, the pedestal desk can be made with either a real leather top or a polished wood top.

The desk pictured on the left has a light mahogany finish and a tan leather top and a file drawer. Hover your cursor over the picture to view the drawer configuration.

  Dimensions Price
  Height Width Depth Mahogany Oak Cherry Yew
Size A 29.5" 4' 2' £576 £636 £636 £648
Size B 29.5" 4'6" 2'6" £726 £792 £792 £816
Size C 29.5" 5' 3' £876 £948 £948 £975
Size D 29.5" 6' 3' £1,194 £1,293 £1,293 £1,293