Computer Desks

In the information age most desks need to accommodate a computer. As a result, the classic desk has evolved over time. However, many computer desks have compromised form for function and are not always easy on the eye.

At Alfred Huntington Furniture we believe you do not need to sacrifice style to keep up with the times. Our designers have made subtle yet highly effective changes to our classic computer leather top desk, adding features that will comfortably house your laptop or desktop without detracting from its timeless, handcrafted, quality feel.

The desk pictured on the left has a Dark Yew polish with an Antique Finish and a Green Leather Top. Hover your cursor over the picture to view the drawer configuration and see the sliding trays.

  Dimensions Price
  Height Width Depth Mahogany Oak Cherry Yew
Size A 29.5" 4' 2' £576 £636 £636 £648
Size B 29.5" 4'6" 2'6" £726 £792 £792 £816
Size C 29.5" 5' 3' £876 £948 £948 £975
Size D 29.5" 6' 3' £1,194 £1,293 £1,293 £1,293