Be it a humble home study or an executive office, a desk is the center piece of any workspace. With all those hours you put in sitting behind it, why not make sure it is a classic, quality desk, crafted with the utmost care?

Our handmade desks feature:
  • Dovetailed drawers
  • Real leather hide tops in a range of colours
  • A variety of veneers and finishes
  • A choice of four different styles of handle
  • a list of optional extras to ensure the desk is just right for you.

All our leather top desks are available in four high-quality wood veneers: mahogany, oak, cherry and yew, in at least two different shades per wood type. For a more aged look we can also give your furniture an antique finish. Or we can match the shade of your new desk to any of your existing office furniture on request.

Our desks are fully assembled prior to delivery and will reach you consisting of 3 parts: two pedestals and a top box.

If you are looking for a desk in a specific size or are looking for something a bit different to what you see on our site, please get in touch and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.